Augustów is a small city in Northeast Poland nestled in an area of many lakes. It is here that American (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) writer, Stan "Stas" Wnukowski, came to live and work in Poland. Stas is a university professor in nearby Olecko. He is married to Halina Wnukowska who is the President of Augustóws Special Olympics Committee. In September of 2004 Augustów hosted the Polish Special Olympics Softball Championships.

Several years ago Stas decided to establish a baseball and softball program in Augustów. He was allowed the use of a former soccer field and was named a Little League District Administrator. Since that time he has resigned from Little League but is now a PNYBF Associate Director. Stas also runs a summer language camp and each group of students is taught the game of baseball as part of their recreational program. There are practices and a big final competition at the end of camp.

The Polish Ministry of Education has allowed for baseball to become part of the Physical Education curriculum at their universities.. Stas, "Mr. Baseball", is preparing his university for the inclusion of baseball in their PE program. A location has been picked for the field and construction will soon begin. The university will form a team and play games against other universities in their region.


 There were enough young summer campers to form three teams for their baseball championship.

 Uniforms and equipment have been supplied by PNYBF.







  The baseball field is well worn with plenty of room.









  Summer Camp staff members take over the pitching duties to speed things along.

 The kids have a great time.









 Stas gives some instructions to the "Winslow" red team before they take their at bat.








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