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                                           Polish Champions

The Polish twelve year old team from Kutno were winners of the EMEA (European, Middle East, Africa) Tourney in August 2004. They are pictured here in Williamsport for the start of the LL World Series. Stan Kokoska and Ted Kalinowski met with them shortly after their arrival. The PNYBF sent out a notice to one hundred and seventy Polish organizations in Pennsylvania to enlist their support by going to see them play and to treat them while they were here in the USA. Supporters in the Great Lakes Region were also contacted by Tom Krajewski. 

The team Manager Andrzej Petrzak told Kokoska that he brought the team Good Luck. While in Poland that summer, he asked for a Kutno Cap. It was special style and he wanted it for his collection. The manager told him to wait and he went somewhere to get a cap. Kokoska was grateful and gave him a twenty dollar bill. The manager did not want to take it so Kokoska told him to treat the boys. Andrzej said that he put it on the wall in Poland before the Tourney for Good Luck and so they thanked him for his blessing.

The Polish team won the EMRA Region qualifying tournament by going 6-0 and outscoring their opponents 79-10.

 The team did ok for the first time. Taiwan defeated them the first game. In the second game, they lost to The ultimate Champions
 9-0. Antilles took a nine run lead in the fourth. The Polish kids knew that if it became 10 run lead, the game would be over by the mercy rule. They played hard and did not let another run score and finished in regulation. During the game, the Polish pitcher hit a batter. It is a custom in Poland for the pitcher to go to the hit batter and shake hands and apologize and it was inspiring to see this display of sportsmanship. Canada defeated the team in a good game that they could have won.



The Kutno twelve year old team after arriving in Williamsport for participation in the Little League World Series.









The Polish Team lines up during introductions prior to their first game. Taiwan is along the third base line.

Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) has won the entire LL World Series 17 of the 21 times that they were there.











Coaches and umpires shake hands and exchange greetings prior to the game.











Hats off during the playing of the anthem.













Poland up to bat.


The game was played on Saturday evening with a 7PM start.












 Polish team fans cheering on the team.

 Karen Krajewski, wife of PNYBF Great Lakes Director Tom Krajewski, can be seen in a white sweater in the center of the photo.









 Taiwan had a large group of supporters as well.














PNYBF President Stan Kokoska and board member Ted Kalinowski are there to watch the action and cheer on the team.







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