Miejska Gorka

A major youth baseball success story exists in this small city in central Poland. What was a dream just 5 years ago is now a first class facility for baseball. Jan Zbaraz, his family , friends and supporters, including PNYBF,  have built a facility to be proud of. The facility includes a Senior League field, Little League/softball field, tee ball field, a batting practice facility and spectator seating. Stan and Jan had stood in this same area years ago, when it was little more than open space, and dreamed a dream. Jan is now the Polish National Director of PNYBF.



 One view of the facility.











You can see both fields and the batting practice building is in the background on the left.









On display in the clubhouse/administration building is a trophy case with the many awards won in their history.








The July 29th weekend of our visit Miejska Gorka hosted the Boys Senior League EMEA Regional baseball tournament. Jan Zbaraz, Polish National Director of PNYBF (front - right) leads the tournament parade from the town square to the field.

Participating teams came from Germany, Italy, Austria, Holland, Croatia to join host team Poland in completing a six team field.








 Each team marches together as a group holding up a sign which identifies them.

You can see the group of umpires that volunteer their time and effort each summer. They travel to several tournament sites in Europe providing excellent officiating. Americans represent the largest segment of this group.

Note the "Devils" team mascot (Miejska Gorka) on the left.







 The parade reaches the baseball field where there are introductions and speeches.

Such parades, speeches and hoopla are a routine part of tournament baseball in Poland.









 Let the Games Begin !!!

Holland plays Georgia in a Friday first day game.










 Holland at bat.











   Post game handshake that's a standard after every game.

Georgia won this game and eventually won the tournament and represented the EMEA Region at the Little League World Series (Senior League) in Bangor, Maine.







 Poland faced Holland on Saturday morning.











 Hot action at third base !!












 Poland anxious to drive in that runner from third base.


 Poland won this game but came in fourth place in the tournament.






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