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PNYBF had been contacted by representatives of the Catholic church in the small city of Mława. Father Roman Jankowski is the young and energetic pastor who wants to have a little league team sponsored by his parish. He oversees a beautiful new school that has room behind it for a field. On a bright and sunny day we were taken to his school and given a tour of the facilities and grounds. Father Roman has dreams of young players having great fun behind the school playing baseball on their field. The children already practice in this area with equipment sent by PNYBF. This area is just open space now and land must be graded and prepared for a baseball field. Funds will be needed for all this work and then for the planting of grass, installation of a backstop and fences and then for the field itself. There is terrific organizational support from parishioners which include Father Roman's school secretary, Urzula Zybert and her family. This would be the first baseball program sponsored by a Catholic church in Poland. 


From the left

PNYBF President Stan Kokoska, Father Roman Jankowski, Urzula "Ula" Zybert, Pawel Zybert, Tomek Zybert.

They are standing in front of the new school.

The school is named
 Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski SI.
after the famous Jesuit poet and preacher.










Tom Krajewski, Father Roman and Stan look over the grounds behind the school where visions of a new baseball field fill the minds of all.

There will be fair amount of grading to be done to get the area into the proper state for a baseball field.






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