The City of Polkowice is noted for its copper mining and the Polish headquarters for Volkswagen. Steve Marks, an American who had lived in Rhode Island, moved to Poland and works for KGHM, the largest copper mining company in Europe. He came to Poland in August of 1991 via the Harvard University volunteer program WorldTeach and taught English in a private school. In 2004 his daughter Kasia attended the English/Summer camp in Augustów where she played baseball. There Steve met Stas Wnukowski and Stan Kokoska. Stan challenged Steve to "get something going" in his adopted home town. Steve was inspired to organize a baseball program in town. He acquired permission to play baseball in an available recreational area and has begun to construct the field. PNYBF has supplied Steve with baseball gear for the young boys who are eager to play. Steve will need funds to complete his baseball field construction. 


This is the area where Steve and his helpers have begun to develop their baseball field.

Today there will be a practice and players are beginning to arrive.






 Much to our delight not only did all of Steve's players all come but many other boys and girls. Many came with their parents who wanted to see what the sport of baseball was all about.

Stan offered to hold a mini-clinic and you see him here demonstrating batting technique.







Tom relieves Stan while he watches from another angle.

"Keep your eye on the ball" !!

"Swing level" !!

"Keep you feet even with each other opposite the plate and bend that front leg a little" !!

"After you hit the ball, drop the bat and run to first base. Don't throw the bat. That's dangerous to other players".




  The boys practiced hard for 90 minutes. And they were anxious to play a game. Steve prepared a lineup and they played a practice game for another 90 minutes.









 Steve and his lovely wife Anna, joined Tom & Stan for an evening baseball game in Miejska Gorka. There was time for a photo before we left for a late dinner.







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