Steve drove us to another city in his region. Przemkˇw is small and a poor town. We were greeted with great enthusiasm by Ewa Skrypak and Beata Pazdej who are the driving force for an active baseball program. Beata is director of the local school. She would like to have a baseball field behind the school. They have plenty of room and that's where the team practices and plays. Sandlot ball at its finest. Ewa, a physical education teacher, is the team manager. Their team was good enough to go to play in several  small tournaments in Kutno. There is a lot of support in the town. There is a second site, in a nearby recreational area, where a field may also be developed. Both projects will need all the funds necessary for construction of a new baseball field.


 Ewa and Beata listen to Stan while he reviews the history of youth baseball in Poland the the work of PNYBF.










Time for a photo.

Jacek Zawadzki, Ewa, Beata and Steve Marks.








 This is the second location available for a baseball field. The land will need to be cleared and leveled. Then the field laid out and grass planted.

Work at the school will need somewhat less clearing and leveling.







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