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                                                                 A Testimonial from Poland

Helena (Dziadosz) Krasuski of Jaslo, Poland was the first Little League President in Poland. She organized a Board of Directors and made contacts to start baseball in her city. Syracuse, NY raised money to provide funds for the first official Little League field and it was called "Friendship Field", a gift of Syracuse. The first official LL tourney was held in 1990 and five teams competed.

A letter that she wrote in 1990 follows:

Children's Sports

Sports are very important for the development of children's character, bodies and health.

In Poland, for a long time children did not have very effective sports, especially in small cities.

The boys plays soccer mostly the time and the girls had nothing to do.

Summertime was boring for children until 1987 when a visitor came from the U.S. He saw the children sitting in the town square and promised himself to help them. He organized Little League Baseball in the city of Jaslo with the help of some peoples board of directors. Thus the Little League program came to Poland.

Polish youngsters learned about their strengths and weaknesses, value of teamwork and qualities that constitute effective leadership.

I think baseball is wonderful sport for boys and girls and emblazoned on the Little league logo are the words of character, courage and loyalty.

Everybody listen to and loves the Little league pledge. Before all championship tourneys, the children put right hand on the heart and sometimes I would even see tears in their eyes, so I know how important this is for them.

They say, "I trust in God. I love my country and I will respect it's laws. I will play fair and strive to win. But win or lose, I will always do my best." This are beautiful words because their spirit is Poland's spirit. The children are very proud and thankful for the support of the USA.

Helen Dziadosz, President
 Jaslo Little League 1988-90

That visitor from the US was Stan Kokoska who was visiting Poland in 1987 on a family trip. He observed polish boys and girls without any activity to do. Stan had been successfully coaching Little League ball back home in Connecticut. After he returned home he founded PNYBF with his co-worker and colleague, Anthony Arniesta, who became it's first President. Stan's early efforts working with the Little league central office in Williamsport, PA and with Polish officials in Warsaw resulted in Poland's Little League charter.

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