Warsaw, in in central Poland, is the capitol and Poland's largest city. There are several baseball programs developing but they are rather small in nature. One big problem is finding space to have a baseball field.

Julit Paskuszzka, director of a primary school, is anxious to begin construction of a baseball field behind her school. At this time, the school is being extensively renovated and the field will have to wait until the renovation is complete and the grounds are clear of materials and machinery. She will need bases and baseball gear as well as funds for field development. Julit has college age sons who both played baseball when they were younger.

Giedymin Wróblewski is a dance instructor who has also coached youth baseball. His twin sons, Edgar and Oscar are currently coaching a team of young boys getting them ready for entry into Little League.

In June of 2005 Poland had a National Olympics and they had baseball competition. A baseball field was constructed at a soccer facility in the Warsaw suburb of Piaseczno. This is a Big league field and will be available for older players for games and practices.



 Edgar and Stan standing behind the backstop of the new Big League baseball field at the Piaseczno soccer complex.

This field was completed just in time for Polish Olympic competition in June, 2005.








 There are dugouts and some seating for the fans.










 Giedymin & Edgar Wróblewski with Stan at the baseball field in Piaseczno.









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