This city is in central Poland on the banks of the Vistula River which is Poland's largest river. It's a large city with a population of over 120 thousand. We met with several members of the secondary school administration. They are eager to have a major baseball program. They took us to a meeting at City Hall where Vice Mayor Dorota Dzięgelewski, gave a long speech regarding the support of all governmental, city and region, for a baseball program. They feel that it will be of great benefit to the city. There already are a few teams organized and playing. A large site is available for field development with plans to make a stadium complex. This meeting was of such significance that it was covered by local press and television reporters. They wanted to hear what PNYBF might be able to do to help them in their plans.



Vice Mayor Dorota Dzięgelewska speaking to the assembled group of school, city and regional officials, and representatives of PNYBF.








This group of supporters, at all levels of government, is very supportive of the baseball program and there are extensive plans for its development.








Their Junior League team had an afternoon practice that day in preparation for an upcoming tournament.








Here you can see the baseball gear already sent to them by PNYBF. The boys are wearing Jerseys that came from the USA.

This is a great representation of the kind of support PNYBF gives to teams and baseball organizations in Poland. This is possible through the generous donations of used equipment from leagues and teams in America. The funds that we receive pay for the shipping and also allow us to support field construction.





 Stan has time to show some proper batting techniques as the players and coaches look on.

You can see the sandlot baseball field that they currently utilize. This former soccer site is now available for the baseball complex. There is room for several fields. There is already a spectator seating area that must be refurbished before it can be used.

There will be a fall tournament at the new soccer facility that will draw teams and fans from other cities. The profits from this tournament will be used for development of the baseball complex.




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