Kliny Baseball (Czernikowo)

In the summer of 2000, PNYBF received a request to help with equipment. We had already distributed our supplies and would have to get more. In the meantime, they made all of what they needed. Take a look at the photo below. You can see catcher's gear, bats, gloves, and a bat bag that they made from foam padding, sticks, soccer ball etc. A soccer ball was cut in half and regular gloves were taped on and thin foam padding put on the inside. The bats were carved, not cut on a lathe. The face masks are genius. Chest protectors were creative. They made scoreboards and a pitcher training board. The bat bag is made from jeans. It is the very first club in Poland that has done these things. They wanted to play and nothing would stop them. After you see this picture, who wants to help? PNYBF has shipped then several large boxes of gear. We sent them bases with a value of $250 to help them outfit a field. Robert Szwajkowski has given them a live leadership and they do not quit. We ask you to consider helping the players of Poland. Study the picture and see if you can find the creations of Kliny.


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